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Public Defenders play an important role in our social fabric by insuring that those who can least afford legal representation in our Courts are fully protected.  The constitutions of both the United States and the State of Indiana require that indigent persons charged with criminal offenses be provided effective representation at public expense at both the trial and appellate levels.  In addition, case law and legislation have required the appointment of counsel in other areas.  Without a system in place to provide for these needs, those who can least afford legal representation would have no defense, no protection.

In the Fall of 2000 the Vanderburgh County Public Defender Agency was created and became operational in January, 2001.  The Agency has responsibility for the representation of indigent clients in all areas of Vanderburgh County Courts, where a person is entitled to an attorney as a matter of law.  We have Attorneys assigned to the Circuit and Superior Courts Felony Divisions, Misdemeanor Court, Juvenile Court and all criminal appeals.  In addition, Attorneys employed by the Agency handle termination of parental rights cases, children in need of services cases and mental health commitments.  Our staff consists of:

Office Staff

Jennifer Balentine-Secretary 

Nancy Schmitt-Secretary

Christal Hampton-Administrative Assistant

Kile Bosler-Paralegal

Matt Hummel-Paralegal

Full-Time Felony Division

Stephen H. Owens - Chief Public Defender

Heather Burton - Attorney

Jacklyn Buente - Attorney

Andrew Pittman - Attorney

Jon Schaefer - Attorney

Part-Time Felony Division

Barry Blackard - Attorney

John Brinson - Attorney

Chad Groves - Attorney

Michael Hayden - Attorney

Christian Lenn - Attorney

Conor O'Daniel - Attorney

Dawyna Taylor - Attorney

Jake Warrum - Attorney

Barbara Williams - Attorney

Misdemeanor Court

Mark Foster - Attorney

Ron Freson - Attorney

David Lamont - Attorney

Juvenile Court Deliquency Cases

Heather Burton-Attorney

Sonny Reisz-Attorney

Juvenile Court-Chins/Termination/Paternity Cases

Erin Berger-Attorney

Julie Fox-Attorney

Tom Krochta-Attorney

LaShay Newton-Attorney

Our commitment is to provide experienced legal representation to all persons entitled to indigent representation as determined by a Court. If you have concerns about the manner in which your case is being handled by this office, you may contact the Chief Public Defender by mail to discuss your concerns.

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